Xtruder Cutting Board

The Xtruder Board (Mount Anywhere Cutting Board) is a wall mounted, removable cutting board. The attachment bracket mounts to the wall anywhere you will need a clean cutting surface but don't have a surface to set a cutting board on.  The removable cutting/fillet board locks into the bracket and is removed by pivoting upwards.  As simple and easy as it gets!

Ideal for:

  • Use in the garage to keep the mess and smell of fish out of the kitchen
  • Goes great on your ice fish house
  • RV/camper
  • hunting cabin
  • deck or patio 
  • Virtually anywhere you can think of!
  • Available in 12x20 and 16x32 sizes

Mounting bracket and hardware is included and accepts Xtruder Board Cutting Boards and Sportsman Board brand boards.

Kit includes: Xtruder Board cutting board, wall mounting bracket and mounting screws.

Add a second mounting location, mounting bracket is also available on its own.


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