Power Plug

How many times have you and a couple buddies been out on the lake arguing over who gets to charge their phone or camera next?  Most boats don't have electrical systems designed to be convenient for today's long list of electronic devices.  Anything from iPhone and Androids, tablets and laptops, spotlights and GPS units can regularly be found in our boats.  Multiply those gadgets by the number of people in your boat and we are almost always a few outlets short.

Excel Outdoors has come up with a solution...meet the Power Plug.  The Power Plug comes in two different configurations that meet the needs of 99% of the boats on the market; 2-Pin and 3-Pin.  Both Power Plugs offer the convenience of two additional power ports with the simplicity of plug-and-play solution. Our Power Plug slips easily into the navigational light ports on either the bow or stern of your boat.